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[PREMIUM] 50pcs Biocare 4PLY Surgical Face Mask FREE 35ML sanitizer Medical Mask PFE96% BFE98% 医疗专用口罩
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Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
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BioCare 4 ply Premium Surgical Mask with Comfort Earloop
Made in Malaysia
BioCare 4 ply Premium Surgical Mask with Comfort Earloop is tested and is compliance to both USA (ASTM F2100-19 Standard Specification for Performance of Materials used in medical face masks) and Europe (EN 14683: 2019 Medical Face Masks Requirements and Test Methods) medical face mask standards. Our face masks are registered with Medical Device Authority Malaysia, therefore, it is reliable product.
Made up of 4 layers:-
a) Outer Layer: Fluid resistance spunbond non-woven fabric
b) Third Layer: Fluid resistance spunbond non-woven fabric
c) Filtration Layer: Ultra-fine, high density meltblown fabric
d) Inner Layer: Fluid absorbable spunbond non-woven fabric
Main features:-
a) provides excellent protection to the wearer
b) effective bacteria filtration (BFE 98%)
c) effective particle filtration (PFE 96%)
d) efficient fluid resistance to the wearer.
e) protects the wearer from air-borne bacteria, viruses, large particle droplets, splashes, or any other air-borne particulates
f) Made with safe materials and DO NOT CONTAIN ANY GRAPHENE PARTICLES , thus skin friendly
g) Fit to all face shapes

Face mask size : 17.5 x 9.5 cm
Color : Magic black
Packing size : 50pcs/unit box
Net Weight : 200g/50 pcs

How to wear Face Mask:
a) When wearing the mask, *the side with a lighter colour should be inside and the dark colour should be outside * the nose clip side should be positioned at the top.
b) Hold the mask by the ear loops and position the ear loops around the ears.
c) Ensure the mask fully covers the mouth, nose, and chin.
d) Pinch the nose clip of the mask over the nose bridge and ensure the mask sit snuggly to the face.

Precautions For Use:
a) Remove a used mask HOLDING ONLY THE EARLOOPS
c) Dispose the mask properly into a bin and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry condition

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