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50g Biocare chlorella powder fish grade bottle for baby fish, betta fry, guppy, daphnia, plankton and etc
Price RM18.90 RM29.00
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Size (L x W x H) 8 cm x 8 cm x 14 cm
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  • Will increase and give a more uniform growth rate for your fish.
  • 2.    Will improve the digestion of your fish; more nutrition is also extracted from the food as there are no indigestible components.
  • 3.    Will boost the immune system of the fish, it will also aid in the prevention of swollen abdomens due to blocked intestinal passages.
  • 4.    Will enhance the production of special enzymes that break down digested fats into energy rather than letting them build up in the fishes body.
  • 5.    Will bring out the coloration of your fish better; this is due to the carotene pigments that are found in the algae.

BioCare Chlorella Powder adalah serbuk terapung. Memberi makan Biocare Chlorella Powder dua hingga tiga kali setiap hari mengikut suhu air.
*Pastikan selesai makan dalam 20 minit dari masa yang ditetapkan.


BioCare Chlorella Powder is a floating powder. “ Feed BioCare Chlorella Powder two to three daily according to water temperature. 
*Do not exceed the amount, make sure finish eating about 20 minutes          after feeding.


BioCare 小球藻粉是一种鱼饲料粉,依据水温,每天可喂两至三次。

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